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WWI French Hotchiss Machine gun and crew

I have been battling at these two stands of WWI French Hotchiss machine gun crews for a few months now and have finally managed to finish them and the bases…..only another twenty figures to go and then onto some Napoleonics for a friend in Perth. However I have enjoyed painting the Renegade figures, the detail is good and easy to paint and the faces are also well defined. They can be a little stiff but a good solid figure all round. I am not sure when these lads will get a run but hopefully sometime after Christmas or when I have build a few more building.


11 thoughts on “WWI French Hotchiss Machine gun and crew”

  1. These really caught my eye – lovely work! I have to say that I have never felt short-changed in terms of metal content when it comes to Renegade figures, but have always found them a joy to paint and the detail is all one could ask for.

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