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WWI French Dragoons – Great War Miniatures

My last post for the next four weeks (as I will head back over to PNG again this coming Wednesday) is some fantastic Great War Miniatures 28mm Early War French Dragoons. I have painted and based these fine lads over the last couple of days and have enjoyed seeing them come alive with colour. The Great War Miniatures cavalry were excellent to paint and the detail is also excellent. Unfortunately I only ordered the command and two packs of dragoons but now realise I required another six troopers to complete the unit for ‘The Great War’ WWI rules. The figures can also be painted as Hussars scouts for the same period….which I might just do at a later date.

Dragoon Command (the trumpeter comes with a separate arm)

The Dragoon troopers (there seems to be three different types, two troopers with the moustache and one trooper without) Again they come with separate arms, carbines and sabres.


18 thoughts on “WWI French Dragoons – Great War Miniatures”

  1. Thanks again for the comments Carlo and Rodger..great period the early period of WWI August to September battles…loads of colour and still basically open encounter battles.

  2. Thanks for the fantastic comments again everyone. The French for this early period of the war are full of colour and character and a always a joy to paint. They also bring a little colour to the table top battlefield.

    All the best


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