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With Fire and Sword – Cossack Rebellion

The other weekend I was fortunate enough to catch up with my good friend Scott Robertson for a fantastic late Renaissance game using the Baroque rule set. The game was set during the great Cossack rebellion and featured five brigade commands on each side. Both sides fielding two infantry and three cavalry brigades each, so as you can imagine for this period there was loads of cavalry including six units of the famous Polish Winged Hussars.

Over the course of the afternoon the battle was hotly contested with some spectacular charges from both sides. One of Scott’s Cossack regiments (the Herman’s Guard) overran three four battalions of my Polish Infantry and forcing that brigade withdraw from the field. Likewise one of my Winged Hussar regiments forced three tartar regiments to flee.

Overall it was a great afternoon of gaming with possibly a marginal victory to the Polish forces though they failed to capture the Cossack baggage camp. Thanks to Scott for the fantastic game and the use of his excellent collection.

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