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What I did with a little spare time up my sleeve – Wheat Fields

Not much time, family visiting and household chores to do…well that was my weekend, leaving no time for painting or wargaming. So with the little time I had, I managed to make a few trodden wheat fields for the gaming table. 

A $5.00 door matt from ‘Bunnings’, wood glue and bases from ‘Spot Light’, a little creative talent and I created one large field and four smaller ones, which can be placed together forming two additional large fields. 

Two of the four small fields. All can be split forming four smaller ones or two large fields.


16 thoughts on “What I did with a little spare time up my sleeve – Wheat Fields”

  1. They're very nice ones. I have looked so often at Bunnings for a simple mat to make fields from and they all seem to have lovely coloures patterns on them. Will keep looking.

  2. I really like this. I've seen the doormat thing before, but usually as removable sections. This has a much more natural effect. What did you do, shave it down?

  3. In order to make the sections I simply cut off small pieces of the mat and glued them down onto the board. Once they had dried I used a pumice basing glue for the soil, which I then dry brushed. On completion of the dry brushings i painted the base again with watered down wood glue. To make the fallen wheat I used a sharp knife on the mat, scraping the straw off into a small pile. This straw was then sprinkled on top of the glue. Once dried I repeated the process again, making for a thicker mat. Then all that was left was to add some green grass and flowers. Hope that helped.

  4. Very nice….I'm looking for something for a Normandy wheat field.
    Have to chhck out Bunnings. Didn't think Spotlight had materials you could use for basing. Have to check out the Spotlight store over in Castle Hill.

  5. The very first figure looks like Diablo from D2 lol. I'm still thinking about buying D3, cause my World of Warcraft 6 month subsc is active. Anyway check this out gamers, found it just couple of hours ago, aweome free Zombie Games

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