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West Wind – Secrets of the Third Reich

The Spear of Destiny & Frau Tear

This week I have placed up Leroy Simpson’s’ latest painting commission. The figures have been painted for Jeff Smith, which he has based for the “Hoards & Things” rules. The figures themselves are from West Winds great range miniatures from the ‘Secrets of the Third Reich’. I’m going to miss Leroy’s’ great painting as we will be moving down to NSW next week and the old Lonely Gamers will be off the air for at least a month or more until we get set back up again. However I will try have Leroy send down images of his latest painting when ever I can. So I hope you all have a safe Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to hear from you all in 2010.


Mech Grenadiers

Grenadier Snipers

Jager Werewolf’s

German Zombies

Pinger & Controller


3 thoughts on “West Wind – Secrets of the Third Reich”

  1. Thanks Nathan, Leroy has created some lovely art in these miniatures.

    All the very best for your future posting and Merry Christmas to you all. Please have a safe trip.


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