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Warlord Games – Unmarried Zulus

After scratching around in the old cupboard I found a unit of Warlord Games unmarried Zulus half finish and thought that I should really finish those guys off….well 24hrs later I finally had them completed, thanks to Army Painter and a coat of Devlin Mud. I am actually building a Zulu War collection so these guys will fit in well nicely.

I have painted this unit up as the iNdlu-yengwe regiment, black shields with a little dash of white on the bottom right hand side of the shield.


7 thoughts on “Warlord Games – Unmarried Zulus”

  1. Thanks guys for the great comments, I am painting another eight figure unit of riflemen for the Zulus, not as fast as the last unit but hopefully with the same effect.

    All the best


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