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Wargaming with Peter Morbey

Last year, in May 2006, I was very fortunate to be involved in a tour to England. Whilst over there and during our time off I took a drive up to Doncaster for the weekend in order to meet up with Peter Morbey, from Elite Miniatures. Peter’s family and hospitality were fantastic, I was able to see the master sculptor in action, have a look at some of the new ranges he had in development and of course, we played a small game. My forces, however, were totally crushed in the game, being the first game using “In the Grand Manner” rules I had played and not realizing how powerful a single battery of artillery can be. By the time I came within musket shot of Peter’s troops, he had already destroyed three of my battalions. But I did manage to take some great shots of the game and his figures.

Portuguese Line Battalion
Royal Horse Artillery Battery and Limber
French Line Battalion
British Firing Line
French Line

2 thoughts on “Wargaming with Peter Morbey”

  1. I love the terrain board green grass without flock. I would love toknow how its done. I am inclined to guess wall mud, sand and three colors in lighter tone with a drybrush.
    But again beautiful.

  2. Pieter,
    Sorry mate but I'm not sure how Peter made the tiles, that was something I forgot to ask, but should of, they did look great. However I think you are on the money.

    All the best


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