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War on the Frontier – FIW

A few weeks back the lads at the club played another fantastic game of Sharp’s Practice with a focus on the French Indian War. Six commanders on both sides and loads of Indians to spice up the night.

The scenario for the evening was ‘An Encounter’ with the French forces raiding British held territory. The British commander mission was to reinforce the Frontier Militia lads with his regulars and some Indian allies.

However, this was not to be. Though the Frontier Militia, defending their homes proved to be some on the most reliable troops on the board, standing fast and trading volleys with the French regulars, they were let down by the supporting British troops.

First to go, surprisingly was the Highland Skirmishers who were caught by a charge from a unit of French allied Indians. Their lost was soon followed by a unit of British allied Indians and then lastly by the brave Frontier Militia lads who were finally overrun after a fierce round of fisticuffs against the French Marine Infantry.

In the end a thoroughly enjoyable game and a great set of rules. Thanks again to John for hosting and setting up a fantastic table and Jeff, Brain and Dave for being such fine gentlemen.

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