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War in the Pacfic – Bolt Action

Last weekend the lads played something a little different from the gaming we have been playing over the last few months….it was back in to Bolt Action. Though we were a little rusty with the rules we managed to have a great afternoon. Both sides had 650pts Armies, on one side the Imperial Japanese Army and on the other some British Veteran Chindits.

There was not really a scenario other than to play to the last man standing, with our table set up to try and represent one of the numerous small islands on the South Pacific Ocean, hence the sand dunes and coconut palms

With no definite winner at the end as both sides lost an equal number of units, we called the game a draw. Though I have to mention that the Japanese Platoon Commander deserves a special mention for initiating and engaging in hand to hand on three occasions and whipping out three British units in turn.

Thanks go to David for commanding the Imperial Japanese and Terry for commanding the Commonwealth troops. Figures were all 28mm and painted by Leroy Simpson (the Japanese) and Terry (Chindits).

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