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War in the East

The other weekend the lads at the club (Terry, Tim, Dave, and Myself) played another great game of Chain of Command. This time we thought we would switch across to the Manchurian Front and fight Terry’s Russians against Dave’s Imperial Japanese.

The scenario for our game was ‘To capture an objective’ and the Russians with the higher morale rating were on the attack……however, the sneaky Japanese commanders had organized a mortar bombardment, which slowed the deployment of Terry’s and my Russians and allowed, after several phase for the Japanese to concentrate fire on the small number of Russian troops we were able to deploy.

However, Tim rolled three 6s, which ended the turn and allowed the Russians to start deploying a few more troops into the battle. Though for some reason I don’t think we ever regained the initiative, well not at least to be able to make any major threat to the Japanese forces deployed against us. We did, however, manage to capture the objective (the crossroads) with our T34, but Tim and Dave had a sneaky Japanese tank killer team and with their last satchel charge knocked out our T34.

From there I guess it was all downhill, even with the KV2 firing HE round after HE round ……. our dice could not bring the Terry/Nathan Team victory….well not on this day.

Thanks, Tim, Dave, and Terry for a great afternoon of gaming. The Japanese figures are from Dave’s collection and the Russian lads are from Terry’s collection.

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