Vendel Eastern Phalangites- painted by Leroy Simpson

Well here they are the last Phalanx unit for my Successor Army. This Eastern Phalanx, painted by Leroy Simpson, is the last of my eight pike units. I now have three Vendel Miniatures phalanx units of 32 figures – two eastern phalangities and one guard. The other remaining five are all from A&A Miniatures of 32 figures and are just your regular phalanx units. A lot of pike – I know -but now I can field both sides if playing a small game or one Army for the big battles we have been playing of late. But anyway Leroy has done a great job on these guys as he always seems to do. We are very lucky to have him in town – thanks Leroy I appreciate the work you have done for me and the gaming community of North Queensland.

6 thoughts on “Vendel Eastern Phalangites- painted by Leroy Simpson”

  1. No worries guys,

    Always need good pictures to inspire others to paint and build more armies. Leroy just got the designs from various ospreys an images from the net, plus I think a little of his own touch.

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