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Union Artillery – Perry Miniatures

I have just posted the last of the ACW painting commission I have been painting, over the last couple of months, for a fine fellow at the club. I am not that great at painting the artillery pieces….but no red shirts must be a plus? The figures are from the great Perry Miniatures ACW collection and are a mix of Union and Confederate firing codes. I have mixed the two to create a little more variety for the batteries and they have been based to play Regimental Fire & Fury, which we seem to be playing almost every time the club meets. So please enjoy and I will have a few more images of our most recent club games over the next couple of days.


9 thoughts on “Union Artillery – Perry Miniatures”

  1. Thanks for the great comments guys. One of the batteries got a run on the table last night. They did ok but were eventually defeated and over run by a unit of rebels…..

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