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Three Battles in One Night – A small Sudan Campaign

Two nights ago Myself, Brian Buskell, Dave Lowes and Jeff Smith got together and started a small Sudan Campaign using the VTAG and a few other rule sets mixed in to make the game a little more spicier. After the troops were placed out on the map we rolled to start the uprising and started our first moves. By the end of the night we had played two small actions and one good sized battle. Each battle lasting just 20 to 30 minutes but loads of fun and enjoyed by the boys. Even the new Nile River forts I made got a good run.
 A first small battle took us to Akasha where an Egyptian paddle steamer and its crew were trying to break past the Mahdist shore battery and garrison. Dave commanded the paddle steamer and Brian and Jeff the Mahdist forces. It was a tight run battle for the Egyptians as the paddle steamer took two direct hits, got stuck on a sand bank twice and all his supporting infantry became casualties by the end of the game. However they did finally manage to get past Akaska and the 2nd Cataract to Wadi Halfa.

Dave’s paddle steamer approaches Akasha, which is now in Mahdists hands

The Mahdists shore batteries open fire and score two direct hits on the paddle steamer.

Small arms fire from the shore is intense and all the Egyptian infantry are hit. But they make it through.

Our second battle saw a combined English and Indian task force head down to Trinkitat and expel a small local force held up in a small village. Three companies of KRRC, three companies of the  15th Bengal Infantry and a squadron of the 9th Bengal Cavalry were tasked for the assault. Only two Beja warrior units were at hand for the village defence, which they defended with vigour and inflicted a few causalities on the assaulting troops. However the numbers and fire was just to much and they were forced out of the village and into the awaiting lances of the 9th Bengal cavalry.

The village of Trinkitat with its surrounding zereba and garrison 

The allied force approaches from the sea in two lines. KRRC leading followed by the 9th Bengal Infantry

Within two moves the village comes under assault and our Beja warriors after a short hand to hand fight are pushed out of the zereba by the point of the bayonet and good English steel. 

Hand to hand fighting over a zereba and against mad Mahdists could have been much fun

With the fighting in the village over all that was left for the 9th Bengal Cavalry was to clean up the stragglers. 

The final battle for the night was for the British River Column to move up the Nile and capture Wadi Halfa from a strong Mahdist force. The River column was supported by two steamboats, five companies of infantry, a naval detachment and two machine guns….nasty. While the poor Mahdist were left to defend with only five warrior units and gun. But they did take the fight to the British and gave them a bloody nose before the town fell. They manage to force the Naval Brigade away from their machine guns and shoot down a company of infantry before the combined fire power of the steam boats and remaining infantry forced them from the field.

The gallant Mahdist forces defend Wadi Halfa

A freshly made Nile fort goes into action against one of the paddle steamers

Small arms and artillery shells strike the paddle steamers 

The Mahdist gun is destroyed but the Nile fort is re-occupied by riflemen, who place some well directed fire onto the approaching British infantry.

The British column approaches and is immediately attacked by Mahdi forces

The sudden unexpected assault pushes the English line back and away from the machine guns

Two companies of infantry disembark from the paddle steamers and help in the assault on Wadi Halfa

Finally the British re-establish a new line and counter charge the Mahdi line, re-capturing the lost guns and inflicting heavy casualties of their forces, which in turn for them from the battlefield. Another victory to the Allied forces in the Sudan.

24 thoughts on “Three Battles in One Night – A small Sudan Campaign”

  1. Superb looking games and that I would dearly have loved to have been a part of.

    Excellent armies, lovely terrain and a great write up!

    Jealous…. who me? :>)


  2. Thank you everyone for the great comments it was a great night of gaming and we are hoping to play some more actions next week.

    All the best for Easter


  3. I say, what a stroke of luck finding your wonderful blog. As good as it gets. I hope you don't mind but I've taken the liberty of saving your pics to serve as a painting guide for my intended Sudan Field Force though I cant pretend to aspire to your level of expertise with a brush.

  4. Not a drama my good chap you can use as many images as you need. Skin tone for our Mahdi chaps I will have to follow up on as I did not paint them however Brian Buskell is your man. I will certinally find out soon for you.



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