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Thorakitai – Rebased

Thorakitai…are some of the toughest light foot troops in Inpetvs. They move like light infantry but can fight well against most standard infantry types including heavy foot Romans. With a VBU 6 and Impetvs 1 they can battle it out for many continued rounds of combat….in other words I like the them. But alas you can not have too many in your army. These fine Thorakitai troops are from Gripping Beast and have featured on this site many years ago based up for WAB. They have since been rebased for Impetvs and have already fought well in their first battle against some unruly Parthains.


8 thoughts on “Thorakitai – Rebased”

  1. Nice to see them again. BTW, I've rebased most of my former WAB armies for a simplified version of Hail Caesar. Except for phalanxes, I've based them 3 figs per 40mm square. I like the look and it extends the formations a bit.

  2. Thanks for the comments everyone. They are one of my favourite troop types as well, however I do have four units of imitation legionaries to paint and bases so we will see how those lads go.



  3. Thanks Carlo it certainly is amazing. Impetvs has revitalised my love in ancients and I must say I think I am enjoying the rules a little more then I did WAB.

    All the best


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