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The Sword and The Flame with Gerry Webb

Just before I departed Australia two days ago I was fortunate enough to have time and call in on Gerry Webb of the famed Castaway Arts Miniatures, where Gerry and his lovely wife, Carolyn , provided a lovely breakfast and then Gerry introduced me to ‘The Sword and The Flame’ where my troops the Mahdists received and absolute hammering from the Naval Brigade and the Camel Corps. I think we lost all our leader within four turns leaving our troops leaderless…..not good when playing this system. However I did enjoy the game immensely. So please enjoy the images from our game and my last post for about 25 days. 

Regards Nathan

The Camel Corps mountain gun which was to cause many casualties on my troops, including the only artillery piece I had in the army. 

The Naval Brigade form up in close order in support of the mountain gun and Nordenfeldt 

Tough buggers to kill with just spears

On turn three I fired my artillery piece, which I thought would be nice and safe from fire being tucked away in the rocks

Some very nice camel corps lads from Castaway Arts Sudan range. 

The British force nicely placed on the hill with the artillery and machine guns in the centre.

With all the opposition’s fire directed across onto my artillery and two dervish warrior units Gerry was able to swing round two nice camel units…hoping to catch the hated non believers in the flank.

Turn five and my artillery was down and out of the game..all wounded 

And these fellows though looking hard and full of hate failed to move any closer to the British as they were leaderless and were soon to go to ground…a little scared.

Finally the camels charge…..

But are all shot down bar one brave fellow…who was to fall in the next round of fire

And a charge goes in only to be pushed back without causing a single causality on the gun crew

The lone warrior

But then finally the Mahdist’s leader attaches himself to a unit of warriors and charges home.

We win the charge and force the crew to fall back along with some Camel Corps lads and the machine gun is ours

An then an epic battle ensures against the screw gun crew and the Naval Brigade

The machine gun crew also charge back to retake their gun back

It is a close run battle with many a good man and warrior falling on both sides

But in the end the British sailors prove to tough and we are defeated and driven from the field 

A great game though from both sides. The British standing firm and delivering volley after volley into the charging warriors, killing all their leaders. And then the brave warriors of the Madhists bringing home their final charge and inflicting some very nasty cuts to the blue jackets.


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