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The Swamp fox

Our second game last weekend was another from TFLs…a little bit of AWI Sharps Practice. The game played between Tim and Andrew was scenario 4 from the ‘Swamp Fox’. In this scenario the Swamp Fox’s (Tim) mission was to capture the Red (White) House Tavern and Andrews’s mission was to prevent this happening.

Again, the game played well with the British forces deploying three of their units to the left of the Tavern and close to the expected main thrust from the Rebel Forces. However, this was not the case, Tim and his crafty Rebel Forces only deployed their two units of skirmishers on that flank and the willy Swamp Fox deployed his main forces out of the swamps to the Northeast of the Tavern.

Andrew’s only forces on this flank were two units of militia, however, throughout the game, they fought extremely well. Though, on the British left flank the fire from the skirmishers and also the fire from a large force of Veteran militia turned the tide in favor of the Swamp Fox. All three British units, on that flank, and the tavern were either routed or captured.

Well done, Tim you Swamp Fox, and well done Andrew for holding the ground as long as you did.

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