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The Sands of The Sudan – Our First Game


The 2nd game we played at the club last night was another of those lovely little Sudan games we seem to be enjoying at present. However this time we decided to try out a new set of rules ‘The Sands of The Sudan’, which have been just recently published by Carlo Pagano and inspired by the late Peter Gilder’s Holiday Wargaming Centre Sudan Rules.

Our little game saw Col Wimply Buskell lead his four companies of KRRC, two companies of Black Watch, a detachment of the Naval Brigade and one squadron of Bengal Lancers, out from the coast to re-occupy a zeriba. But as there was not really any good intelligent reports for the area (the intelligence officer was out hunting gazelle) Col Buskell may have ventured out a little unsure of what to expect. 

And what he and the lads ran into seemed to be a very well laid out ambush by the very sneaky Mahdist forces. Over the next few turns virtually hundreds of fanatical hordes charged out from various sides of the table. At first the boys of the Empire were able to shot them down and rapid fire volleys and the Bengal lancers chased a unit of camels from the board then turned and rode down a small unit of mahdist cavalry. However after the drums stopped beating two 500 man warrior units entered the battle area and destroyed the lancers to a man.

Then seeing the lancers destroyed the mahdist regained their courage once more and all units charged at the advancing Imperial square, breaking one company of KRRC and causing terrible causalities on another. Col Buskell finally knew the day was up and he may have to except defeat. So by pulling the remaining troops back into a tighter square, with the supply column in the middle he withdraw the boys back to the coast….victory to the madhi. 

Overall ‘The Sands of The Sudan’ played well but it took myself and the other lads, plus a couple of phone calls to Carlo to finally master the rules. It is a good system and relatively easy to learn. However being use to playing a faster style game the boys found it a little slow at first until we worked out the random reaction and melee charts. I would definitely recommend the rules to those after a fun and not too serious games with a couple of like minded lads……and a large collection of colonial Sudan figures. Of note I also think the rule should just a easily work with the Zulus? Carlo’s rules can be found at so just email Carlo and he will send you a set of these great rules.

Bengal Lancers hit the flank of a Mahdist cavalry unit

Two companies of KRRC defend a small knoll from the rapidly advancing Mahdists

Ah the Black Watch in lovely scarlet coats fire a rapid volley into a charging unit of Mahdi.

The last charge of the Bengal Lancers……against 500 mad mahdi warriors. What were they thinking?

The good old Naval Brigade put up a good show


16 thoughts on “The Sands of The Sudan – Our First Game”

  1. Cracking terrain and figures you have there. It warms the cockles of the heart of an old Sudan hand like myself. I fought with those very rules at Peter's many moons ago, and they're still my favourite Colonial set today. It's nice to see them in use again.

  2. Thanks for the great comments guys. Carlo has done a great job with the rules. We are planning a bugger game in next weekend so make sure you check out the blog on the following day.

  3. Amazing… I have no words to describe my feelings. I have a colonial army of this period in 15mm but after what I saw I dont think I will play again with 15 mm. A great terrain and great figures

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