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The Relief of Ladysmith 2nd Anglo – Boer War

I has been a big week for posting on the old blog lately and last night we got back into gaming again. Myself, Brian Buskell and Dave Lowe played a nice little 2nd Boer Game titled ‘The Relief of Ladysmith’. The Boers (under Brian’s leadership’) deployed three commandos across the 2/3rds of the table and dug in. While the British (under myself and Dave) fielded thirteen companies of Infantry and three squadrons of mounted troops. Our mission was too capture at least one piece of high ground and open the road too Ladysmith, lifting the siege.

The game played very well, using our house rules ‘ Breechloader & Rifle’, and we managed to complete the game in just two and a half hours, which saw the British break the Boer right flank and open the road. However the British did take some very heavy casualties, especially from the long range fire of the concealed Boers. But once the British got within bayonet charge range it was all over for the Boers. It definitely a different game for the British lads who were not accustomed to fighting against similar armed opponents. 

Mounted Infantry and dismounted Dragoons push forward

Mounted Infantry and dismounted Dragoons push forward looking for a possible river crossing point

Four companies of Highlanders advance against hidden Boer positions

The Boers open fire from across the river inflicting heavy casualties on the advancing English

Boers firing from prepare positions

The dreaded ‘Pom Poms’ inflicted heavy casualties on my troops

A view from the British left flank

The Highlanders come under heavy fire from the Boer positions, but the lads push on across the river and up towards the dug in Boer positions.

Impossible to miss the Boers deliver a devastating fire

But those stubborn Highlanders keep advancing

A lancer squadron makes it through the Boer rifle fire and charges 

They are too much for the Boers, who after a stiff fight are forced back

Next up are the Highlander, who have lost a quarter of their strength just getting up the hill, charge the Boer positions

The Boer commando breaks and fees up the hill

In the centre of the battlefield the situation is much the same. The Boers don’t like the bayonet and fall back from the British 

With the Boer right flank broken the road looks clear

However on the Boer left flank another mounted commando appears and halts the British advance dead in it’s tracks. Then after three turns they inflict 2/3rds causalities on the British in that sector forcing them to fall back.

But by they stage it was too little to late, two Boer commandos are forced back off the high ground and the road is finally open to Ladysmith.

In all a great little game which the boys thoroughly enjoyed


10 thoughts on “The Relief of Ladysmith 2nd Anglo – Boer War”

  1. I'd like to echo the others and say how enjoyable these reports are. 🙂

    Are you using the Perry Sudan Highlanders here? They look good. I love the idea of getting some Empress Boers and such and gaining another opponent for my Sudan Brits.

  2. Thanks for the great comments guys. Figures are a great mix of Perry, foundry and Old Glory miniatures. The first two units of highlanders were Perry and painted for either the Sudan, Afghanistan and both Boer Wars.

    We had six units of dismounted Boers and four mounted Boers plus one field artillery battery and one pom pom battery for the Boers.

    The Brits fielded 11 units of infantry (four highlander), three cavalry units and two field artillery batteries. A formidable force but nessassary to overwhelm the Boer positions.

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