The Prelude Before Battle – A Spartan Camp

Painting and making a Spartan camp is project I have been thinking about for several years now, but I had never found the time, however over the last few months and after playing numerous games of Impetvs I finally took the plunge and purchased the figures from Wargames Foundry and Warlord Games.

The figures were certainly easy to paint, but I had to call in the support of Leroy Simpson to paint the bee on the shield of the Warlord Games Spartan officer, as my hand is not that steady.

Once the figures were painted the next step was to workout how I was going to base them. This took a little time to figure out but eventually I had the two Spartan sleeping and waking up down one end of the base, a group of Spartans conducting a discussion about how best to fight the coming battle and lastly the sacrifice scene at the other end of the base. The effect I think turned out quite well.

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