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The Persians Are Coming – The Start of A New Army

Over the last few days I have been a little busy painting, basing and rebasing the start of my new project…and what wargamer does not have a new project??? So the first two units I completed were some 1st Corps lads with Crusader Miniatures hoplite shields and transfers. They are to represent later Persian infantry armed in a similar manner as to mentioned at the battle of Issus. I also thought they might also represent Asiatic Infantry. The other two units are again for the very nice Crusader Miniatures later Persian range and are to represent Persian or Asiatic archers. All have been based and ready to go for Impetvs, and will hopefully get a look into out Impetvs battle this Sunday afternoon.

The first unit of Later Persian line Infantry or Kardakes

And the second unit of Later Persian line Infantry

With archers in direct support

It was also the first time I had used the Crusader shield transfers and stuffed up the first couple of shields (which are hidden in the rear ranks), However I have to admit they certainly change the look of a unit and are well worth investing in. 

Two units of archers 


23 thoughts on “The Persians Are Coming – The Start of A New Army”

  1. Superb painting and the bases are eye catching.

    What is your colour recipe Nathan for the bases and who makes the grass tufts, if you don't mind sharing?

  2. Simon,

    I paint the base with a watered down Citadel paint (Zandri Dust). Once dried I apply (but dry brushing) three layers of Vallejo dark sand, but each time I add a little more white paint to the mix. The grass is 'Gamers Grass' from Great Escape Games.



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