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The Old Versus The New – Napoleonics

The images I have just uploaded are from our clubs game last Wednesday night – Napoleonics. The game was a 1500pt per side playing ‘Fortune & Glory’. Each side fielded three brigades, two of infantry and one of cavalry, all 500pts a brigade. We played the basic set up provided in the rules, for the bigger games each side laid down three pieces of terrain, which is why the table appears a little bare. Once terrain was laid and the scenario picked, objective markers were placed the game was away.

The ‘Old’ Vs the ‘New’ title for the post came about when I asked the lads to bring along their own figures instead of using the collection from the club. So Dave and Terry brought along some great old collections – Dave’s Russian Army consisted of mostly old Mini figs, which still look quite good on the grand scale, though a little small when facing up against the likes of the tall Elite Miniatures, which Terry provided. But it was good to see new figures on the table and the lads own collections.

Our game started with the Russians on the offensive and the good old French on the defensive….well that was how we started. However by the second turn both the French left and centre were on the attack. The Russians were also on the attack and both sides were to clash in the centre and right flank of each Army.

The French however proved to strong (or my dice rolling was strangely good for a change) and eventually beaten back with heavy losses, leaving the French in command of the battlefield and victors…well at least for another couple of weeks)

Some of Dave’s great little Mini Figs collection


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