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The Northern General Convention 22/23 June 2013

Last weekend John and Damian organised and ran the a great little convention called ‘The Northern General’. It was originally started in order to run a small Flames of War competition; however this year it also involved a very small colonial competition, run by myself and Andrew Parr. 
In all there were about 16 players for the Flames of War competition, who came from all over Australia and NZ and a small six players for my colonial comp. But a good crowd all the same. Games were played over the two days for the Flames comp but only one day for the colonials, which was then followed on the Sunday with a large Sudan 1884 game. I will place up images from both competitions shortly as well as the Sunday Sudan game.

Josh and friend bash it out in the 1st round of colonials (Josh came 2nd in the comp)

The wargaming genius, Andrew Parr, providing a few tips

Gerry Web (of Cast-a-Way Arts) and ‘Kiwi’ Dave (Dave won the colonial comp)


7 thoughts on “The Northern General Convention 22/23 June 2013”

  1. Hey James,

    Andrew Parr has writen up a set of rules of which we used for the competition. They are fast playing and easy to learn. Drop me an email and I can send through the latest set once Andrew has made a couple of changes.


  2. Thank you for a great weekends gaming, and been able to meet a few more of the local gamers.

    James, I can offer a thumbs up to Andrews rules, they are nice and simple with some nice touches to stop them been too simple, and play a game out in a couple hours which to me is the perfect rules.


  3. Fortune and Glory, rifled and breechloading was a great ruleset. I enjoy using it now and I have been wargaming for over ten years, which isn't that long, but long enough to find something I like.

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