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The Last of My Boers

One of the many joys of coming home after a month away is opening the mail. One of the parcels I recently received was from Micheal Edwards of ‘Pin Point Painting Service, who has paint the last three units of Boers for my Boer War collection. Eddie has done a fantastic job on these lads. Some of the figures seem a little dated and have strange awkward poses however once painted and based the figures came very nicely indeed… Thanks Eddie.   

We are planning to play a large 2nd Boer War game very shortly, possibly in the next week or so and these lads will definitely be on the board. Until then please enjoy.


11 thoughts on “The Last of My Boers”

  1. Nice shooting Vince – photos that it. Hope Manus was good for you? By the way, I've almost finished a unit of Elite Chevau-legere Lancers and I'll send you some shots if you're interested in using them for your website. They are all Elite for a change.

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