The Last of an Army – Dutch 80YW

Over the last couple of years, my Dutch 80YW Army has certainly grown in size. Originally it started as just a small project but now the Army has grown to nine pikes and shot units, eight cavalry/mounted units, three guns, and eight command bases… that enough I ask myself?
Maybe not? However, the latest additions to the Army is another mounted Aquabuiser unit. The figures are from the very nicely designed Boheniam Miniatures 30YW range. The range is only small but they have loads of character and fit well with some of the other ranges. The horses are from Elite Miniatures, which I cast here under licence from Peter Moreby in the UK. Figures have been based for the Baroque gaming system.
The Baroque Army list for the Dutch only allows three artillery pieces, so I thought I might as well make it the biggest gun I could find. This rather large gun is from Old Glory Miniatures, with the crew a mix of Wargames Foundry and Perry Miniatures. I do feel sorry for the two lads at the back trying to move the brut forward….not sure if they would have been actually able to lift this one by hand? Again I have based the figures, which have all been painted by me except the lad with the bucket at the back, he was painted by Leroy Simpson.

12 thoughts on “The Last of an Army – Dutch 80YW”

  1. It's good to see this particular army modelled.
    Of course the answer is 'no' an army is never actually finished but it does reach a point where you can add units as an idea or mood strikes you rather than feel the pressure to get it to a certain size say for a set of rules.


  2. Great addition to your 80YW project. I like the gun numbers holding up the trail and the boy with the sponge bucket making it more interesting piece all round. Cheers Greg

  3. Lovely lovely figures, would like to see the army on parade sometime ? As for the gun probably not lifting perhaps they are just realigning ?

  4. Thanks for the great comments everyone and happy to know that you liked the figures. The lads will be going into combat tomorrow against the Spanish, so I will see how they go.

    Matt I think you are correct…realigning sounds better.

    All the best and stay safe.



  5. Beautiful, lovely and terrific… they have all been used above, fittingly. I really admire your blend of colour and 'campaign effect' in your painting.
    Regards, James

  6. DadExtraordinaire

    Fantastic units and I can't wait to see the whole army in action and on parade, as whole and by unit 🙂 Stunning inspiring work Vinne!

  7. Lovely figures and basing – not a huge collection in my opinion so no harm at all if you add a few more units to the collection!

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