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The Last Game of the Easter Holidays – Anglo/Zulu War 1879

My last game for the Easter Holidays was with my nephew, Brae Anderson. We played a cool little game of Anglo-Zulu War using Fortune & Glory colonial rules (still play testing). Both side had about 520pts each which enabled the Zulus to field two units of skirmishers with rifles, one elite warrior unit and five normal warrior units (all strong). The British were to field one mounted infantry, one artillery battery, one unit of Natal Native Contingent and four regular line infantry units.

                   The scenario was set at the British in defence and the Zulus on the attack

Wargames Foundry Zulu causalities – which there were many.

Young Brae was to play the British and I the Zulus. It was his first time at colonial gaming and I would like to say he had beginners luck but I think it game down to my poor dice rolling more then anything. Brae was to win the battle on the last turn and the Zulus suffered a major defeat, even though I took both objectives, my causalities were just to high.

The collection is my own as I am slowly building it up to hopefully play some of the great battles of the period….still along way to go.


7 thoughts on “The Last Game of the Easter Holidays – Anglo/Zulu War 1879”

  1. All very nice. It's good to have something to enjoy with family as well.

    How much models would you have to get to be able to play the great battles of that time then?

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