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The Great War – WWI Skirmish


Hello Lads just a few images from the two games of WWI skirmish played today at the club. Rules were ‘The Great War’ Warhammer out of print. Not a bad set however a bit limited in army lists, only British, French and German early and late war.

The majority of the terrain was scratch built by Leroy Simpson and also Leroy painted and owns all the figures. He painted them about six years ago and they have never been used…So old Nathan sticky figures grabbed them and here they are two games in four hours..nice

So please enjoy the images of the game and hopefully a few more hidden collections might make day light sometime in the new year????


14 thoughts on “The Great War – WWI Skirmish”

  1. Absolutely awesome! Your table looks wonderful and the figures are simply outstanding. Have to scroll through this a few times to make sure I don' miss anything. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks all for the comments I will write up a little battle report tomorrow. Carlo the fields are remarkably easy to make and cheap. I will send a couple over your way one day if you like?



  3. Amazing looking game – terrific terrain and fabulous figs! I have those rules and also the supplement Over the Top – which has US and later army lists. Haven't played it in a while though. In fact, I'm thinking if I play WW1 again, I might try adapting Bolt Action to see how it plays. Desn

  4. Thanks for the comments guys I am happy to hear you liked the post.

    The figures in image eight have one of the first generation gas masks..not sure what year, sorry.



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