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The Fight for McPherson Ridge – Gettysburg Day 1


Last night the lads of our club played a fairly large game of Regiment Fire & Fury. The scenario came strait from ‘The Maps of Gettysburg’ page 95 ‘The Fight for McPherson Ridge’. I tried to have the terrain laid as close as possible to the map provided and the same for the unit sizes. However I think after playing the game I should have rated the Union Brigade and Bucktails as ‘worn’ or reduced their unit sizes. As it was I had them rated as the were before the start of the battle, which made it extremely difficult and I think a little frustrating for the Confederate players.

The game went for about two and a half hours with the Union players finishing on a sound victory – not a repeat of the actual battle. However on the Union right it actually did play the same as per the day. The two Confederate regiments (47th & 52nd North Carolina) had the only solid victories for the Confederates. The 52nd NC pushed back both the 121st PA & 80th NY and the 47th NC charged and took Reynolds battery. The remaining units were soundly defeated and routed from the field.

151st PA lines up behind a rail fence

In the distance the 26th NC (17 bases strong) and 11th NC move up to attack the Iron Brigade

Members of the 2nd WI await the Confederate attack

The 26th NC

47th NC crosses Willoughby Run and take shelter behind a snake fence

150th PA awaits the Brockenbrough’s Virginian Brigade.

Three small regiments of Virginians push through the cornfield and charge the 150th PA
26th NC charges across Willoughby Run and striaght into the combined fire of the 2nd WI and 24th MI
Biddles mixed brigade of NYand PA regiments fire shot and shell into the advancing NC

The 52nd NC charges and pushes back the 121st PA and 80th NY

The very couragoues charge of the 47th NC on Reynolds Battery

The Battle map

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