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The Brisbane Muster – 2008

Back on line, sorry for the delay on getting anything back up on the blog. My excuse is that my camera has finally died and I have not been able to take any shots of the numerous games we have been playing. However I have been able to borrow one on a few occasions and have taken a few snaps. The images you see today have been taken with Kevin Jowett (Battleline Senics)camera – thanks Kevin for sending them up.

North/West Frontier hosted by Gerry Webb

This is the third year that the ‘Brisbane Muster’ has been running. The convention is the mastermind of Gerry Webb (from Castaway Arts). There is no entrance fee or fees of any kind to that matter. The convention is there just for the boys to put on a few demo games and for the local retailers to show off and sell there new stock.

ACW by Kevin Jowett.

The demo games were numerous, Scott Robertson put on a great Cossack/Polish game as did Gavin Shanks in a of game of Doctor Who. Gerry put on a Afghan/Northern Frontier participation game, using the ‘Sword and Flames’ rules. Kevin Jowett’s demo/participation game focused on the American Civil War, plus there were other demo games starting with WW2 Rapid Fire, another Doctor Who game (with the rats in the London sewers), WW1 demo game and a demo game involving the hunting of dinosaurs.

Doctor Who with Gavin Shanks.

The convention was held, as it is every year, over the Easter Weekend on the Saturday/ Sunday and is held at the Chifley Hotel, right in the heart of the Brisbane Mall. Numbers through the door, for the whole weekend, only probably tipped 100 people but that was enough to have an enjoyable two days of steady gaming and socializing. Retailers included Castaway Arts, Battleline Scenics, Battlescape books and miniatures, Elite Miniatures Australia and Fernvale Specialty Scenics.

WW1 Demo game

Scott Robertson’s Cossack/Polish demo game.

Next year the ‘Muster’ will be held on the 11th and 12th April 2009. If you live in the local area then have a look at Gerry’s site and turn up next year, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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