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The Boys from Singleton NSW

I have included a few photos from the Napoleonic games we used to play when I was down in Singleton NSW. John Williams, Micheal Edwards, Victor Perry and David Houston and I would get together at least once a month and have a battle for the day. Many of the games were played at John’s house as he had the biggest table set up ready to go and always put on good food and good beer for everyone (Eddie’s house was good too).

The majority of the figures used were from the Elite Miniatures range produced by myself, here in Australia, and then the rest being a mix of Front Rank, Wargames Foundry and some Old Glory. The photos were taken by myself and Victor. The set of rules we were following was Advanced Shako with sixteen to twenty figure battalions, eight-figure cavalry regiments and two guns to a battery of artillery. The rules are quick flowing and very simplistic to play ideal for introducing someone new to a game of Napoleonics.

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