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The Battle of Tel el Kebir 1882 (Anglo-Egyptian War)…down sized a little

Last night myself, Brian Buskell, Kiwi Dave, Josh and Jules Evens got together and played a small battle based closely around the Battle of Tel-el-Kebir in 1882. This battle was the final one in a series of smaller battles and skirmishers between Great Britain and Egypt. We did not have enough figures to play the greater battle so we made do with every red coated British soldier and Egyptian soldier I had in the cupboard and ‘Bang’ we had a great game on our hands.

To be honest I have been reading a great little book called ‘A Tidy Little War’ by William Wright, which explains the lead up to and after the Anglo-Egyptian War of 1882 and it is highly recommended if you are interested in this period. In regards to the Egyptian fortifications, Brian has done a great job in the four days I gave him to complete them…but we are planning to replay the battle soon with a few more troops I have not painted and on a bigger table, so Brian has been tasked to make a few more fortifications…he is a good man.

Our game was just as tough on the Allies as it was on the day. The lads had to advance across open ground being swept by Egyptian artillery and small arms fire. I think the British suffered about 40% causalities in our battle. But as it happened back in 1882 the Highlanders finally climbed the wall and brought the bayonet to the Egyptians….they did not like it and were soon pushed back on that flank. Then on the other flank the Guards Brigade did the same. So with both flanks gone the Egyptian commander had to roll an Army panic test….they failed. The day was won.

Above and below a great view of the Egyptian fortifications, designed and build by Brian

A view from the Allied lines of the British advance

Egyptian forces were broken into three brigades. On the right one brigade of four battalions, on the left another brigade of five battalions and in reserve one more brigade of three battalions. then finally two batteries of artillery and a small unit of cavalry.

And for the Allied forces they were broken up into five brigades. Four brigades of infantry and one of cavalry, plus two batteries of artillery…we still needed possibly two or three more. Our rules were again Breach Loader & Rifle that great set of fast play rules designed by Andrew Parr.

Suffering some heavy fire from the Egyptian artillery the red lines advance against the well entrenched Egyptians

Now within small arms range the thin red lines become even thinner

Then finally the lads push back the Egyptian skirmishers and charge bayonets.

Straight up and over the entrenchments routing the Egyptians from their positions and then onto victory

However the Egyptians put a stiff resistance and the British paid a high price for victory

The Allied cavalry brigade flanks the Egyptian positions, routes their cavalry and charges back into the unprotected flank of the Egyptian forces.


12 thoughts on “The Battle of Tel el Kebir 1882 (Anglo-Egyptian War)…down sized a little”

  1. Cheers for the great comments guys we were a little short on both Egyptians and British but we have wanted to play this battle for a number of years now and thought well let's just do it and see how it goes…turned out ok I think . But we will replay the battle sometime in the future with more trips on both sides and a bigger table.

  2. Your friend Brian did a terrific job building the field fortifications, they look fab and perfectly complement the high quality of brushwork on the minis.
    I either need to stop visiting your blog or start collecting this period, one or the other. šŸ™‚

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