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The Battle of New Market – 1864


Again trying out the Regimental Fire & Fury rules we played another two games of American Civil War. This time we played the final stages of the Battle of New Market (1864)…twice. It was a nice small game to play in an evening and again to e next day and lasted only a couple of hours, but allowed enough time to get or heads around and play by the next day a nice flowing game without to many discrepancies. The battle involved seven Confederate regiments and two batteries of artillery, against on the Union side five large regiments, a cavalry regiment and two batteries of artillery.
However both games did not play out as they should have back in 1864, each time the Confederate regiments on their left flank were decimated by artillery and long range rifle fire, stopping their advance dead in its tracks. But still a good game and I believe if you are after a set of rules that gives you a more realistic period game then  RFF receives a tick in the box.


13 thoughts on “The Battle of New Market – 1864”

  1. Thanks for the great comments guys, the RFF are a great set of rules and are growing on me with each game. A little slow at the start but most games are however now after a few games it flows well.



  2. Fire & Fury are a great set of rules for ACW – we found them perfect for the Shennandoah campaign we've been doing. I have though that cavalry v infantry are pretty useless in RFF (much like historical experience?) – I bet that Union cav charge on the Reb infantry in your New Market game ended in tears!

    Beautiful figures & terrain as usual.


  3. Doc,

    You are correct the Union cavalry charged twice and was beaten twice through fire power alone. Actually the Valley campgain would be good to play as it has small armies and nice small battles.



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