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The Battle of Hydaspes 326 BC

As promised images from the pregame setup and today’s Battle of Hydaspes game. The table was loaded with a mass of Indian longbow versus Macedonian pike. We used the Impetus ruleset for the game.

As expected the Indian elephants charged the Mac’s pikes in the first couple of turns who in turn held the onslaught off from the mighty beasts. More than half the Indian Elephant Corps was destroyed only inflicting minimal damage to the Mac pike units. However, the Indian longbow units did start to cause a few causalities and disorders. But it was the Indian infantry that would, in turn, do the most damage to the Macedonians and stopped them dead in their tracks.

The Indian cavalry on both flanks also did well especially on the Indian left flank where they slowed the unusually unaggressive Alexander down for the whole game bar the last turn when the overwhelming Macedonian cavalry finally got the upper hand. But by that stage, it was too late the centre of the Macedonian line was broken and in retreat.

Well done to John Maguire and Harrison Smith for bringing the Indian Army to victory. Also thank you to Jeff Smith, Tim Jolly and Terry Moran for commanding the Macedonians.

The collections are from my personal collection and that of John Maguire. All the figures are 28mm and come from a number of sources, with the 1st Corps classical Indians and Essex Miniatures elephants on one side and a  mixed crew of Macedonians from Amorum and Aquila Miniatures, Wargames Foundry and Crusader Miniatures on the other.

Forming Up Place

Advance to Contact

Alexander charges Porus on the elephant.

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