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The Battle of Gingindlovu – 1879 Anglo-Zulu War

Lord Chelmsford drew up our forces in a large square on a low plateau with one of our guns in each corner expecting the Zulu’s to put in an appearance, he was not going to be disappointed.The heat of the day was starting to rise as you could hear the thunder of the incoming Impi’s as some of their skirmishers started sniping away at one of our guns from some broken ground.

They came in at a rush starting some hot work for our lads. Steady accurate fire started to chew up their formations but on they came and onto our bayonets they threw themselves on our side of the square. It was our neighbours on the adjacent side of the square turn were next as they opened up on the approaching Impi’s causing massive losses but on they came.

Then some consternation rippled as the gun went down in the corner and the Impi was into our flank, but the lads held firm and shrugged them off but back they came causing the lads to start bending back and finally withdraw, it was upto the Boer’s to slow them down while the line was reset. They promptly bolted to the rear, bloody colonials, but had brought a little time as we resettled the line, ready to see the brave Impis off.

The other side of the square faced the fresh Impi’s and on they rushed but the lads held firm throwing them back many times before they finally started to melt away with staggering casualties, and the lads were able to press forward and wrap around the remnants.

Things on our side were pretty desperate as some friendly warriors died when they failed to get out of the way of the incoming Impi, but then uncovered our steady line of Red coats to see the Zulu’s off with. Upon seeing the the solid red line, the Zulu’s had had enough, withdrawing back into the wilderness.

This was a great game with the British up against it when the corner went down, but by the end of the game we had only withdrawn to the centre area of the square on that side and our other engaged side never flinched and had started to wrap around their flank, a crushing victory for her majesty’s regiments


16 thoughts on “The Battle of Gingindlovu – 1879 Anglo-Zulu War”

  1. Cor sarg, theres a lot of them …

    Steady Lad, Face your front …

    (and yes there really was ALOT of them)
    That was an awesome game, Vinnie will do a report, but a good Queen Vic would be proud of her men 🙂


  2. Great stuff!!

    A very lovely looking game.

    Do you kind if i ask you what rules you were using and what choices you made for basing of both the British and the Zulus?


  3. Thanks for the comments guys,

    The bases sizes represent a company , for the Imperial forces, or Impi for the Zulus. For the Zulus it helps to move them around fast instead of sigle based units.



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