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The Battle of Gabiene

This year, at the ‘Brisbane Muster’, myself and Scott Robertson put on massive demonstration game comprising of over 1000 figures. The game was based on a re-fight of the Battle of Gabiene (317/16 BC) between possibly the two greatest generals of the Successors, Antigonus and Eumenes. Both had served under Alexander the Great and were now fighting over the right to rule in his footsteps.

Antigonus’s army consisted of 22 000 foot, 9000 horse and 65 elephants.

Eumenes had 36 000 foot (including the Silver Shields), 6000 horse and 114 elephants.

In the actual battle Eumenes’s phalanx destroyed Antigonus’s but his cavalry was decisively beaten and fled from the field. However Antigonus’s cavalry won and brought victory for him, ever though his infantry had lost, his cavalry had gone behind Eumenes’s army and captured their camp. It was because of this action that the Silver Shields turn in their lot with Eumenes and went over to Antigonus. Eumenes was latter killed and the remnants of his army was enlisted into that of Antigonus’s.

Scott Robertson, James and Ken Jowett make their next moves.

Eumenes’s Silver Shields (Foundry Miniatures) push back the phalanx of Antigonus (A&A Miniatures)
Our battle ended up much the same. The Silver Shields proved their worth and pushed back the Antigonus’s phalanx. However a strong cavalry force and a number of elephants soon turn the cavalry battle into Eumenes favour as well (plus some unbelievably lucky dice rolling from James).

Pike and elephants clash

The terrain was made by Robert Fletcher, photos were taken by myself and Ken Jowett. The other guys playing were Scott Robertson, Brian Sinclair, Kevin Jowett, his son James and Mark Temple.

Skirmishers and a bolt thrower provide the only support for Antigonus’s base camp. The base camp was stratch built by Scott.

A great shot of the phalanx’s about to clash

Essex companions and elephant (painted by Scott) attack 1st Corp Greek settler cavalry (painted by Leroy Simpson)

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  1. Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you liked the game. The rules and the Army list come from the work of Jeff Jonas, he has been working on them now for a couple of years. My friend Scott Robertson has had a little input to them as well and thus Jeff has sent him the final cut to play test. He has told Scott that hopefully the Successor Army Lists will be out sometime next year, with any luck at the begining I hope.

    All the best


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