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The Battle for Fort Donelson – 1862


On the 15 February 1862 General Grant secured the capture of Fort Donelson and the capture of 12000 Confederate troops on the 31 March 2013 we re-played the battle in hope of reversing the results…..unfortunately this was not to be the case for the South.

Our Battle of Fort Donelson was played over the Easter weekend at my friend Scott Robertson’s house. Myself, Scott, Andrew Parr and Mark Piper were the participants in the game. Andrew and Mark on one side and myself and Scott on the other.

The Confederate battle plan was to attack the Union right flank with 80% of there forces in hope of breaking the siege escaping Grants Army. The Union plan was to hold in hope of re-enforcements and capture Fort Donelson.

The game went very much as it did on the actual day, Confederate forces slowly pushed back the thin line of Blue, but Union re-enforcements eventually arrived preventing the Confederate victory and escape.

The thin line of Union troops

Union dismounted cavalry from Sash & Saber

Perry Miniatures plastic Confederate infantry

Two of five Confederate Brigades attacking the Union right flank

A birds eyes view of the battlefield and the Confederate attack on the union right flank

The Union attack on the Confederate defensive works of Fort Donelson

The thin Blue line is slowly pushed back by concentrated Confederate attacks 

Double canister…the last line of defence for the Union

9 thoughts on “The Battle for Fort Donelson – 1862”

  1. Great looking game, table and beautifully painted figures. Pity that mass of Reb cavalry couldn't have made a hell-fer-leather charge! Unfortunately we know what happens to cavalry who try that foolishness! Wonderful spectacle nonetheless!


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