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The 'Egyptian' Battalion First Battle of El Teb 1884

After about five months I have finally been able to paint a few figures for myself, admittedly I have completed a few small projects in regards to terrain but painting alas no. So the lads I have just finished this morning are part of my Sudan collection and are painted to represent the ‘Egyptian’ Battalion recruited in Cairo for Lieutenant General Valentine Barkers ill fated expedition to the Port of Suakin, Eastern Sudan, in 1884.

The lads apparently were not that keen on a drill or in that matter doing much at all and it was reported that they mutinied for a brief period and then at the first battle of El Teb they were severely routed losing 16 Officers and 352 men out of 429 men…I don’t think they did much after that. However, I was keen to add a little more colour and flair to my Egyptian Army and these guys took my fancy.

On figures are yet available, which represent the ‘Egyptian’ Battalion so I purchased a few Wargames Foundry ACW Zouaves and to stiffen the line a command pack from the Perry Miniatures Sudan range. I could have done a few little conversions but felt I needed to paint the figures first and see how they look….A little ACW but I think with the Egyptian commands the figures will do nicely.

This is the image I used from Perry’s ‘Go Strong into the Desert’ as inspiration and a painting guide. My guys are a little more in full dress then the above fellow.


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