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Taliban ZU-23 With Crew

Empress Miniatures produce some fantastic figures and their Modern Range would have be up there with the best. The figures I have just posted are from their fantastic Taliban Range and these guys, painted by Terry Moran, have mounted their ZU-23 into the back of a Toyota ‘Technical’, which will hopefully provide them with some serious firepower….well as long as they don’t get spotted but the Coalition Air Cover. The club is planning to have our first crack ‘Modern’ wargaming soon but are still unsure of what rules to use…but I will keep you posted.  


9 thoughts on “Taliban ZU-23 With Crew”

  1. Very nice Nathan. We too are waiting a good set of Modern Rules which add some playability into the equation. Aren't Too Fat Lardies releasing "Fighting Season" this year? Its their modern version of Chain of Command I believe and we are hanging out for it in a big way!

  2. Carlo,

    Thanks for the comments, which I will pass onto Terry. Yes the "Fighting Season" does sound good I have read a few articles about it and would definitely grab a set when they are available.



  3. Excellent job on those miniatures. For rules – I have "Force on Force" with several supplements, and they are well-presented. I've been hearing really interesting things about RadioDishDash's "Skirmish Sangin", supposedly it's very narrative. I'm actually planning mosern/ultramodern, etc. in 1/35th scale, because the figures and models are actually less expensive and there is more variety.

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