Tactics and Glory


Two weekends ago, Andrew Parr came up from Sydney to play out a few more games of his “Tactics and Glory” which was the old “Tactical Napoleonic Battles” now under a new name. We played three games in all ranging from a small 500pt game, which comprised of only four to six battalions, two units of Cavalry and a battery of guns each, to a large game comprising of all my Spanish – 13 battalions, three cavalry regiments and two batteries of guns, plus the opposing French and Allied Army of much the same size. The small size games can be played comfortably in a evening, say 1-2 hours and the bigger games no longer then four hours at the most, with all games ending in a result of winner or loser.

The first day of battle a French Army Vs a British Army

All figures are Elite Miniatures except the Highlanders which are Front Rank. Figures were painted by Leroy, Andrew Brian and others.

Leroy Simpson, Brian Buskel, Julian and myself enjoyed the rules immensely and all agreed that Andrew’s rules were coming along very nicely indeed. Andrew hopes to have the rules ready to hand out to those interested during MOAB this year on the October weekend. He will also be putting on a Demo game for his rules. So make sure your there.

Second day of gaming – French/Allied Army Vs the Spanish Army

Polish and Italian Troops advance towards the Spanish lines.

Spanish Militia Battalion (Front Rank Miniatures)

A Spanish Battalion promptly awaits their turn to advance.

3 thoughts on “Tactics and Glory”

  1. Steve-the-Wargamer

    ..the pictures are superb – can we have some "clickable" bigger versions?? If I had the choice – the picture of the Spanish Battalion first, please! ;o))

    Can you share anything about the rules? Scales, design idea's, etc?

  2. Steve,
    Thanks for the comments. I can try to put a few more picturres up, that can be clicked on, for you but sometimes it works and other times it won't. Give me a couple of days and I will upload a more photos for you. The rules are designed for small scale battles at more more then brigade size. However they can still be used for a Corps size game without to much difficulity. Units are based four figures per base (40 x 40), cavelry two figures per base (50 x 50) and artilery one gunand fur crew (60 x 60). Btns are 16 figures, Cav eight figures and two guns per battery. Cammand radis is kept small and thus troops out of command have to make a roll inorder to make a move or formation change etc. If you lik please email me and I can get Andrew to send you through a set of rules to make it easier.

    All the best


  3. Steve-the-Wargamer

    Nathan – thanks – Napoleonics are not my period (though I have had armies in that period) but I have to say I've always been more interested in brigade size games than the huge affairs…..

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