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Syria 1941

Just thought I would place up a few images from today’s game of Chain of Command. Our game was between the Vichy French 1er Bataillon Légion Étrangère and the “2/King’s Own Royal Regiment”. Tim commanded the Vichy French and Dave the British lads.

This was the first time we had used the French and during this period the lack of accessible ordinance certainly put them at a disadvantage, especially with limited armor options, however, the use of the V-B launcher team certainly proved effective for the French and defiantly caused a headache for Dave as the British Commander.

The figures are all Perry Miniatures, except the two gentlemen in the ruins who are from Back and Beyond (I believe?) and are from my own collection and that of Terry Moran’s’.

However, it was a great day of gaming, and thank you to Tim and Dave for coming along.

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