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Spartan vs Macedonians

My favourite period in wargaming is that of the Hellenistic Period, with the fall of the Greeks at Chaeronea to the last great battle of the Macedonians phalanx at Pydna, against the rising might of Rome. The photos from the battle shown here are of the final stages of a small campaign we ran in Singleton, New South Wales.
The campaign was set around 330BC with the Spartan King Agis rebelling against the Alexanders General – Antipater. The rebellion was finally crushed at the Battle of Megalopolis, by Antipater and his phalangites. The Spartans were finally enrolled in the League of Corinth, where they would not play a major role in the Greek world for a great number of years.

My figures are the Macedonians and Greek allies and Micheal Edwards fielded the Spartans and their allies. The red Macedonian pikes are the figures painted by me. Three of my pike are A & A Miniatures and one is Vendal Miniatures The Greeks on my side were painted by Leroy Simpson, from Townsville and all the shields are hand-painted.
Eddie painted all his figures, which are mainly 1st Corps, with a mix of Black Tree Miniatures and Foundry figures. Victor Perry and another Singleton wargamer took all the photos from the game.

2 thoughts on “Spartan vs Macedonians”

  1. Hey Nathan, nice start with the site. Could could you please take some more photos of the excellent Vendel phalanx, so others can see just how well they paint up. Are you still coming down to Brisbane for Gerry's Easter convention? Maybe we can do another huge Macedonian early Successor game together. Cheers Scott

  2. Hey Scott,
    No worries I will take some more shots in the next few days of the Vendel phalanx for you. I am still hoping to get down to Brisbane for the 'Muster' and a Successor game sounds good. I will have to paint up a few more units then.


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