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Somewhere in north africa – ww2

It has been a few weeks since our last game, however I have only just placed up the images from our game. During this game, we decided to play the ‘Outnumbered’ scenario from ‘The Battle of Gazala’ which saw the German forces on attack with two platoons, one DAK Shutzen (Motorized) Platoon (under the command of Dave) of four sections and the other platoon a DAK Armoured Recce Platoon (with me in command) consisting of two 222s and a RAD-8. The DAK forces also had a Pak 38 in support of the Stutzen.

On the Allied side (Commanded by fearless Tim) just one Rifle Platoon of three sections with a M3 Stuart and a Matilda tank in support. Tim certainly felt this game was going to hurt.

Though the game played quite differently than Tim thought, his small, outnumbered force managed to steal a win from the attacking DAK forces. However, Tim’s win was not without some losses including the loss of his M3 Stuart through a direct hit from the Pak 38, the loss of his Boy’s AT and 2” mortar teams and finally the loss of a section.

The DAK Shutzen took the brunt of the casualties, with the loss of two squads of Shutzen, the Pak 38 and finally the loss of their Platoon Commander through a round of close combat. There were no losses to the DAK Armoured Recce platoon who could outmanoeuvre the heavier Matilda but were sadly unable to cause any damage.

Many thanks again to Tim and Dave for playing a great game of Chain of Command. The figures and terrain are from my collection.

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