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Somewhere in Korea – 1596

Ah! at last after five weeks of no games we finally got to roll a few dice last night at the club. This time instead of the normal ACW I managed to grab Leroy Simpson’s very nice Samurai and Choson Koreans for a little game. I was not sure of what rules to use so I dragged out the old Warhammer Ancients rule set and got the game in motion. Having not played WAB for over five years I did not realised how slow they actually were. With the rolls to hit and rolls to wound then rolls to save all of which seemed to slow the game right down. However gaming with a good bunch of guys and nice figures made the game a joy….but next week we though we might try Impetus instead. 

All the figures used are from Leroy’s fantastic Perry Miniatures collection for the period. Leroy has been painting these lads now since they first came onto the market and still has a couple of units to paint on either side, including the command stand for the Koreans. I would however like to see the Perry’s possibly adding to the collection with Chinese, who assisted the Koreans in the final years of the war. But I guess I might be waiting for sometime. Well till the next game please enjoy the images I took from the game.



Korean Garrison Infantry and Armoured Infantry with handguns advance towards the Japanese lines.

Korean heavy cavalry and a Hwa Go – Muti barrelled artillery ( I was not quite sure how to use this piece or it effective range. I did use the volley gun rule but it seemed to fire to short)

Ashigaru ‘advance!’

Korean Armoured Infantry advance through a village.

Yari Ashigaru firing line with handguns in front and bows behind.

The Japanese battle line

Massed Korean garrison Troops rush the Japanese line

The Japanses left flank – massed nuts of Samurai foot and cavalry…nasty

The Korean heavy cavalry charges the foot samurai

The battle line meet 

Samurai cavalry charge

Ashigaru and Korean garrison infantry charge in to hand to hand combat. The Koreans won this fight and broke the Ashigaru

But they lost this one and were routed 

The poor Koreans did not even come close to the formidable Japanese centre with massed archers and handguners.


0 thoughts on “Somewhere in Korea – 1596”

  1. I was just going to say why not Impetus until you said it a sentence or two later.:-) Anyhow a fantastic looking game and I wish I could play something like that!


  2. I lived in South Korea for three years and visited their War museum with excellent dioramas. Im now in Japan and have visited Yasakuni Shrine, which has an interesting take on their military history.

  3. Wow, looks great! Makes me sorry that I sold off my Samurai Swords figures (board game pieces that fit well with 1/72 scale minis).
    And your misbehaving artillery sounds like how it would be in real life 😉

  4. You shoul try black powder/ hail ceasar/ impetus or kings of war all fairly fast playing games with either fan made or official samurai lists.

    While you're at it, would you mind asking Leroy to paint up a couple samurai armies and terrain for me? Great looking kit.

  5. Thank you all for the great comments on our last game. We won't be playing this period next gong night but I will try to make sure the game is good eye candy.

    Thanks again


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