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Somewhere in Germany – 1813

Last night myself, Jeff and Dave got together for a small 600pt game of ‘Fortune & Glory’ using a nice mix of Elite Miniatures on the French side and Calpe Miniatures on the Prussian side. Both Armies were painted by Leroy Simpson (except the French foot artillery crew which I painted last year). The French army consisted on a small but mostly elite units:

Army Commander & ADC,
1 x Foot Artillery battery (heavy guns),
2 x Elite Heavy Cavalry regiments,
2 x Elite (Guard) Infantry battalions, and
2 x 2nd Class conscript battalions.

The French were small but proved to be very strong and hard to defeat. For the Prussians (under the command of Jeff) the army consisted of:

Army Commander & ADC,
1 x Foot Artillery battery,
3 x 2nd Class Lancer regiments, and
6 x 2nd Class conscript battalions.

The beauty of the Prussians however is once units are deployed onto the table, you can roll to se what quality they might play. So for Jeff he was able to upgrade two conscript units to line quality for free. 

With the Prussians having the upper hand in regards to the number of troops on the board the French however proved very hard to defeat in open combat, with only one 2nd Class regiment defeated in hand to hand fighting. The Prussians on the other hand deployed on too wide a front and were not able to support their attacks. This allowed the French to hold their ground and when the re-enforcements came onto the table they were able to easily support any of their units under attack and in most cases defeat the Prussian attacks in detail.

It was a hard fought game of only six turns, with the Prussians on the offensive right up to the last turn. But the French Elite units proved to strong and eventually won an overwhelming victory.

Calpe Prussian Landwehr painted by Leroy Simpson. All the Prussians were from Jeff’s outstanding collection.

French General and ADC from Elite Miniatures

Prussian Landwehr

Prussian Reserve battalions all of Calpe Miniatures

French Carabiniers – Elite Miniatures

Prussian Landwehr advance towards the French lines of defence 

Chasseurs of the Guard await the Prussian attack and easily defeat them

Calpe Prussian command stand

Prussian reserves form square in response to the French heavy cavalry

The last great attempt to defeat the French, a flank by Prussian Lancers…it failed to brake them.


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  1. Thank you all for thereat comments I did not expect such a response and very happy to hear you all liked the figures…sorry about the light though, it was a night game.

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