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Set Up for Tomorrows Game – The Battle for Fox Gap 1862

Tomorrow morning the Lads from the club are playing a nice little Regimental Fire and Fury (RFF) game. The Scenario we are going to use was borrowed from the RFF Scenario page and is the Battle for ‘Fox’s Gap’ September 1862. The table has been set up for a 6ft x 9ft game in 28mm. It took me a bit of setting up, especially doing the centre ridgeline.
The battle will start tomorrow with a brigade each from the opposing sides – on the Confederates Garland’s Brigade is already deployed and on the other side, Scammon has his all Ohio Brigade deployed. Reinforcements will slowly come on over the duration of the game. But hopefully, it will be a good day tomorrow and the boys will enjoy the game.
Pictured above is the 30th Ohio just about to pass through the Martz cornfield.
A view looking south across Fox’s Gap and the Wise House. Pictured also is 13th North Carolina and in the distance this the 20th North Carolina.
Not quite dismount cavalry but they are all I had so these guys are representing the 5th Virginia Cavalry Regiment and a section of horse guns. They are holding the very right flank of the Confederate line.
Two images (above and below) of the 23rd Ohio under the command of Col Hayes. The image below also provides good detail of the battlefield from the Union side. A gentle rise but covered with numerous stone walls and snake fences.
Another image of the 23rd Ohio looking from Col Hayes position up and across the ground his men will have to charge.
Two images (above and below) are of Bondurant’s battery and the small but hardy 12th North Carolina
Back to the left flank of the Confederate line, we find Garland personally seeing to the deployment of the 20th North Carolina. Below a better image of the Wise House, which will soon see in some of the fiercest fighting of the game….I think
The farthest left hand unit of the Confederate line is again the 13th  North Carolina, looking North East along the Old Sharpsburg Road.
An finally making a short appearance tomorrow is a small unit of Union West Virginian cavalry (painted by Terry Moran)

21 thoughts on “Set Up for Tomorrows Game – The Battle for Fox Gap 1862”

  1. Thanks for the comments Guys I have a few more fences coming tomorrow before the set up which a good friend has juster finish making and loads of more troops. So hopefully it will be a good looking game.

    Thanks again and all the best


  2. My word that is inspiring. There is a lot to be said for cloths/mats that allow you to make your own contours and ridgeline and then the way you have the road curving round following the line makes it so much more realistic. The terrain and figures look superb and your photo's shows you have a good eye for showing the battlefield and capturing the moment.

  3. Thanks again everyone for the great comments. Scott and Pat I got my inspiration from looking at your blogs and sharing a gaming table with you so for both of you to say my games are top notch is very pleasing to read. The terrisn mats are a great addition for anyone's gaming table very basic and easy to use.

    Thanks again


  4. Mark,

    I first found your scenario on your website when looking for a small scenario for the battle and then on the RFF site. It is a great scenario you have put together and a great one to play. Only the terrain for 28mm took a little more time then I expected.

    All the best


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