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Senegalese Tirailleurs – 1914

In my passion to paint a small WWI French Army I have finally finished a small sized platoon of Senegalese Tirailleurs from Artizan Designs ‘March or Die’ range. The figures are perfect for the early months WWI and represent the Senegalese perfectly for this period. But there are only two blister for this very nice range, which is the command and one blister for the troops. I would have like to see possibly a skirmish blister as well. However the figures are very well designed and paint up extremely well as you can see from the results.

Two of four figures from the range

Remaining two figures. Basically two designs with a head variant.

The Command pack of two NCOs and two officers (the other officer I painted for my Zulu War collection….sorry…he looks good in scarlet)

The NCO’s


13 thoughts on “Senegalese Tirailleurs – 1914”

  1. Thanks again for the comments everyone. Colourful yes Pat but the French soon learnt their lesson and changed the colour of their uniforms by late December 1914 and January 1915.

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