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Seleukid Scythed Chariot

Just before Leroy Simpson, our local ‘master’ painter, headed back over to Japan for a little holiday I asked him to paint the Seleukid Scythed Chariot from Gripping Beast Polemarch Range for me. Leroy as usual has done a fantastic job…however he left it to me to put the whole set together. Well after braking the drivers whip hand and one of the spears on the front of the chariot, I finally managed to glue the little bugger together. I have based it for Impetus and to match it with the rest of my later Seleukid Army. I am not sure how it will go but I am sure I will see just a little bit of fear on my opponents face…..then it will get shot to pieces by his light infantry or skirmishers no doubt.



12 thoughts on “Seleukid Scythed Chariot”

  1. Excellent! This really does look excellent, great painting and basing. I'd like to see pictures of your army assembled for battle. The massed effect would look awesome.

    Cheers, Ross

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