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Seleukid Agema and Full Barding Cataphracts

After almost six years of not playing I have once again started playing Ancients, but this time with Impetvs. Years ago I was a devoted WAB player and was devastated when I read that they were not going to make anymore supplements or continue the production and it was not long after that I basically stopped playing. However in recent months myself and two other lads from the club Jeff and Harrison Smith have been churning out ‘Basic Impetvs’ games at a rapid rate, sometimes three in one night. I have to admit this great set of rules has now got me hooked and back into gaming this fantastic period.
So in my quest to expand the old collection, which I still had in the cabinet, I sent a few units of 1st Corps Cataphracts over to good old Leroy Simpson to paint while I was away….and on my return he completed first the Agema Cataphracts, followed by the other unit of Cataphracts. Great job Leroy…I know they were meant to be in full mask but young Leroy missed that part on the Agema lads, however I can not complain, it may have been a very hot day and they decided not to wear them that day. All good I am very happy with the figures and 1st Corps’ very nice design on these two units.
1st Corps Agema Cataphracts
 1st Corps Full Barding

18 thoughts on “Seleukid Agema and Full Barding Cataphracts”

  1. Lovely work.I have had a hankering for these figures for a while now, but other projects keep getting in the way. It's good to see how they look painted up so well – thanks for posting.

  2. Those look great! Impetus bases are far and away the best looking bases. I too haven't played much ancients since the demise of WAB, but I have played some Impetus and most my armies are either based for it or in the process of being based for it as I really enjoy it. I play the regular version, but it's always being updated and changed which is annoying. I'm thinking of switching to the basic version which is both simpler to play and build armies for. Lorenzo is currently updating the basic version.


  3. Christopher,

    Thanks for the comments and I have noticed that the standard version has changed with each new Extra Impetvs supplement, only if it was to clarify soem of the rules. The Basic is very simple indeed and I think if you wish to play larger games you could just double the army list to replicate?



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