Sassanian Persians

I have been a bit slack with posts these last couple of weeks, but it has been for a very good reason. Not so long ago a very good friend of our family passed away and to support his family I purchased his old Sassanian Persian Army as I thought it would be a nice way to remember him and to keep his passion for gaming alive. The Army I purchased had been based for, I think, 7th Edition DBM and were a collection of Essex Miniatures, Gripping Beast and some very old Hinchcliffe Miniatures, which in turn had been painted by Leroy Simpson some ten years ago. As you know I play Basic Impetus, and I have rebased the figures for this system and from the images you will be able to see that rebasing old figures onto a nice new base and adding a banner or two can certainly make a big difference. The last two images show how they were originally based. I have also added the shields and banners for some extra colour. Hopefully they will have many victories to come.

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