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Just last Sunday the boys of the ‘Lonely Gamers Club’ played a great little Samurai Vs Samurai game. There was no real historical scenario troops for either side were just placed down and away we went. Both sides had eight units each of eight stands or basically infantry units of 24 and cavalry units of 12. Originally Leroy had painted and based this armies up for ‘Divined Wind’ Warhammer Ancients, however as we all know and to Leroy’s disappointment the supplement was never released. However we did use a set of rules that Andrew Parr (the writer of Fortune & Glory) has put together. The rules are very similar in mechanics as Fortune & Glory so it was easy for us to pick up and play a nice two hour game with a result at the end.

The plan for both samurai armies was to crush the other – Dave ‘The Crusher’ and Josh on one side of the river and myself and Stan on the other. Both Stan and I have a military back ground so it was only natural for us to go on the offensive first, while the other formed a defensive posture and braced themselves for the mad rush of cold hard steel.

However as you can probably tell from the images on this post – we ran into a storm of lead ands arrows then Dave’s fast charging mounted samurai splashed through the river, shook off a hail of lead shot from my hand gunners and proceeded to lance – cut and smash his way through my troops.

Well this proved to much for my side of the table and my boys ran for the hills. On the other side of the table Stan did not fear much better….trying to storm a river crossing in column proved a little too hard and after repeated charges followed by defeats we through in the towel and to restore our lost honor we decided to commit ritualized suicide – Seppuka…….


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