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SAGA – Normans Vs Saxon-Danes


Over the last month myself and the lads from the club have finally lashed out and played a few games of SAGA. We started with the recommended 4pt Armies and have since advance to the next stage – 6pt Armies’….big games, but large enough or us not to get over whelmed in figures and playing games that go well into the night. However we have enjoyed the experience and will most definitely add SAGA to a weekly club meets.

The images up on todays post are from a 6pt game Josh and Dave (another Dave – three in the club now) played on Wednesday night. Josh lead the Anglo-Danes and Dave the Normans. Really Dave had to revenge his last game with Josh, where Josh killed his Warlord and won the game. This time Dave brought back the heavy cavalry and rolled up Josh’s forces over a period of five turn…well done Dave.

All the figures were supplied by John Maquire and the terrain supplied by the Lonely Gamers Club.


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